Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus Two-day Course (Shimanto and Ashizuri Exploration Course)

General ¥3,800
Elementary School and Younger ¥750
Time required
Acceptance period

《Operating Dates》 Saturdays, Sundays, Golden Week holiday, summer vacation, New Year’s holiday, specified days during spring vacation ※ See the reservation calendar (below) for specific dates. ※ The bus runs every day from 12/28 to 1/5. However, we cannot accept reservations for that period through this site. The bus is available without a reservation.

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How to trip

This gentle and leisurely bus trip explores the pristine Shimanto River and reveals the secrets of Shikoku’s southernmost ocean.
Ride the Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus (Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus) and receive discounts at all of the tourism facilities the bus stops at!

The first day involves a half day touring the Shimanto River. Leaving Nakamura Station at 1:30 p.m. we will travel by the yakatabune (roofed pleasure boat) and go to the Dragonfly Natural Park (located in the Shimanto River Gakuyukan). Afterwards we spend a relaxing evening at a hotel in either Shimanto City or Ashizuri Onsen-kyo area that night. The second day we will visit Cape Ashizuri, the southernmost point in Shikoku. You will be amazed as you explore the lush natural environment at the Underwater Observation Tower; Tatsukushi Marine Park, with its coral reefs; and Kashiwa Island, with water so clear it looks like boats are floating in midair.

We will also have an opportunity to learn some local history when visiting the John Mung Museum, which details the life of John Mung (Manjiro), and also stop by the Hayashi House where you can learn about the history of Sukumo City and the famous people who lived here.

For those who wish to spend more time in this area, or stay the night in Tatsukushi, you can ride the regular bus or the Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus for free the following day.

※ Kochi Seinan Kotsu Co..Ltd (Bus Transportation) is unable to receive reservations in foreign languages via phone. Please make your reservations via the form located below.
※ Admission to the facilities the bus stops at is optional and is not included in the bus fare.
※ Admission fees to each facility are to be paid in cash at each location.
※ We apologize, but the bus will not stop for long enough for passengers to visit all three facilities at Tatsukushi Marine Park (the Ashizuri Aquarium, Ashizuri Underwater Aquarium, and the Glass-Bottom Boats).
※ Visitors that leave the Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus partway through the day can return to Shimanto City for free via Kochi Senan Kotsu buses or re-board the Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus the following day (only available if the Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus runs the following day). Please let the driver know when you depart the bus.
※ The bus does not require prior reservations. However, if the bus is full we will not be able to accept more passengers. Thank you for your understanding and please prepare in anticipation of such an occurrence.

《Day 1》☆ indicates locations you can get off to stay the night.
13:30 Meet at/leave from Nakamura Station Roundabout
Shimanto River Gakuyukan・Dragonfly Natural Park
Shimanto River Cruise (yakatabune cruise ship run by Shimanto no Ao)
New Royal Hotel Shimanto (☆)
Shimanto Shiyakusho-mae (City Hall) Bus Stop (☆ for hotels in central Shimanto City)
16:35 Nakamura Station (☆)
17:45 Cape Ashizuri Bus Center (☆ Ashizuri Onsen-kyo Area)

★ Indicates stops where you can board the bus. However, guests who used the bus the previous day can board the bus from any stop written below.
8:00(★)New Royal Hotel Shimanto
8:05(★)Shimanto Shiyakusho-mae (City Hall) Bus Stop
8:10(★)Nakamura Station
9:10(★)Cape Ashizuri Bus Center (Ashizuri Onsen-kyo Area)
Cape Ashizuri Guided Tour (tour by local guide)
John Mung Museum (learn about the dramatic life of John Mung who served as a translator during the opening of Japan to the West)
Tatsukushi Marine Park (Glass-bottom boats, Ashizuri Aquarium, Ashizuri Underwater Aquarium, lunch individually)
Kashiwa Island Tourism (explore Kashiwa Island Bridge, Kannon Rock and other formations, and general tourism)
Sukumo Hayashi House (a symbol of the history of Sukumo, a town that produced many famous people)
17:25 Nakamura Station (Ashizuri Limited Express 12—departs 16:47 for Kochi City)
17:35 New Royal Hotel Shimanto
Gathering spot
Center of the roundabout at Tosa Kuroshio Railroad Nakamura Station (7-1, Ekimae-cho, Shimanto City)
Activity time
Fees include
・Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus ticket
・In the case that a guest leaves the bus’ scheduled route, the return fare for either the regular bus back to Nakamura Station or the Shimanto-Ashizuri Bus fare (only available if the bus runs that day).

Fees exclude
Facility admission fees, hotel, food expenses
【Special Discounts】
Shimanto River Cruise (regular price ¥2,000⇒¥1500), Shimanto River Gakuyukan (¥860⇒¥680), Ashizuri Aquarium (¥720⇒¥400), Ashizuri Underwater Aquarium (¥900⇒¥700), Glass-Bottom Boat (¥1,560⇒¥1,200), John Mung Muesum (¥440⇒¥350), Sukumo History Museum (¥200⇒¥160)
※ Children are half price at all locations except for the Shimanto River Gakuyukan where children are ¥250.
Payment method
Please pay the bus attendant in cash before boarding the bus (at the meeting place).
Application acceptance start
Application will be accepted until today 90 days from today
Acceptance deadline
Up to 00:00 three days before the day to experience

Please click on your preferred date (the one with circle).

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FAQ regarding natural experience
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6. A reservation confirmation will be sent to you by the secretariat or organizer of the activity after you completed your application.
7. Regarding Tour Terms and Conditions, please check here.

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